Gerald Munson

Scientist and Inventor


The Johns Hopkins University, Electrical Engineering

Pensacola Naval Air School, Florida


Pilot of helicopter attack squadron (HA(L)-3)  (23 Air medals and a Navy commendation for the design of a learning computer. )

Managerial engineering and design positions

Bird Machine
Alfa Laval Inc.
Wilson Walton International
McGraw Edison


Munson Electronics
Magistra learning systems  He patented an innovative teaching system (US Patent 5,035,625) used to integrate video games and classroom teaching for grades K-12.


ISOPur Fluid Technologies, Inc (FKA MAG Systems 1995) developer and patent holder of the “Balanced Charge Agglomeration” technology.  and he continues ac consulting representative for the company.


Fluid Assets

Founding Managing Partner

McCormick and Munson Technologies LP


Professional memberships And Services

Chairman ASTM committee for particle counting and sizing below 4 microns.WK17912
Chairman ASTM Technical contact for Particle counting Standards
Co-Chairman ASTM Committee for Particle counting Larger than 4 um, now ASTM D7647-10
Developer of OM30 Sub micron particle counting technique for Oil and Hydraulic fluids.
Member committee to develop new filter debris analysis Standard
Member committee to revise the standard for monitoring in service lubricants for steam turbines and gas turbines D4378 WK26907.
Member committee to revise Standards for flushing Steam turbines and Gas turbines D6439.
Member committee to create Varnish Standard (MPC.)
Testing and data collection for two years, for Balanced Charge Agglomeration systems, which contributed to GE TIL 1528 (Varnish in Turbine oils.)
Design and Patent of Balanced Charge Agglomeration technology, patent [5788827]
Research for causes and detection methods of varnish in lubricants.
Research for methods of removing the components of varnish in lubricants & oil.
20 Years experience with Electrostatic Phenomenon in oil.
Designing and building Interactive teaching system, including patent [5,035,625]
Research and design of purification solution for biodiesel production. 540,000 LPD
Designing and building 20,000 ampere test equipment for semiconductors.
Designing and building pulse plating equipment for exotic metals industry.
Designing and building tools and equipment for DNA Research industry.
Designing and building controls for the worlds largest liquid decanter centrifuge.
Research and diagnosis of severe issues with high volume ethanol production.
Development of powered Cathodic Protection system for large ships.
Design and presentation of new planetary gear reduction system